When you are moving or just need extra space, a self-storage unit is a perfect solution. This industry, once a mere convenience has become vital to many Americans. In fact, last year we spent around $32.7 billion for storage. Experts forecast that this figure will only increase in the coming years. Depending on size, states the, these units can cost anywhere from $35-$175 per month. At these reasonable costs, are there other possibilities that a self-storage unit could help you? Consider these eleven unique ideas: 1. Storage for College Students Self-storage units make the lives of college students much easier. Since most universities vacateRead More →


Washington, D.C. is a fascinating city. Locals and visitors alike enjoy its diverse culture, centralized location, and mild weather. Plus, there’s tons of stuff to do, which proves this town isn’t all politics. You can enjoy a vibrant lifestyle with numerous options for entertainment, outdoor recreation, restaurants, and shopping. As the area’s population continues to grow, the influx of more than 1000 new residents a month certainly keeps DC moving companies on their toes. If you’re planning to make a move to the Nation’s Capital, here’s a round-up of the best places to live: Capitol Hill This neighborhood is a good option if you’re planningRead More →

When it comes to real estate data, the U.S. census bureau has always been one of the leading sources of cold-hard data. The wealth of information that this resource provides is astounding. From a residential perspective it has mountains of data regarding single-family home status that can be used to value regional property rates compared to other regions in a geographic area. From a commercial real estate perspective, this same data can also be used to identify areas of solid investment, or other areas that would be worth divesting property.Read More →